If you watch That Pedal Show regularly you will have heard Dan and Mick saying that Harmonic Tremolos are pretty rare and few and far between, but there are probably a few more out there than most people would have thought. Harmonic Tremolos first appeared on amps like the early Magnatones and Supros as far as I understand, and have a very vibey tonality to them based on how they modulate the signal.

My own knowledge of the genre comes mostly via use of my own favourite tremolo - the Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas - and for me, Tap-Tempo is a must for all my time-based modulations.

Each of the pedals featured here will do the job nicely - and several here have some very unique features - so it really depends on what your criteria are and usage preferences. I personally would be very unlikely to buy a tremolo which did not include tap-tempo. I would also likely dismiss what I determine to be over-sized pedals for a single effect - so I would not really want to go beyond a medium vertical enclosure as mentioned.

That still leaves me with 7 options in the running from the above. I also really like the extended functionality of the recently relaunched Drolo Twin Peaks Tremolo - so I definitely have that in my sights.

I still feel that Chase Bliss's analog effects are genius in how they work - with the wave-shaping, onboard presets, dip-switches and tap-tempo. And I know lots of players who really love this pedal too.

Even though I'm considering getting additions here and alternatives like the Subdecay TremCoder - I still feel that the Gravitas will remain as my principal tremolo pedal of choice.

There are also 4 wave-shapes and a rather unusual Grit knob for more lo-fi textures. The final cool feature is how the rate LED changes from yellow to red when you switch from standard to harmonic mode.

This particular tremolo is just a little out of the ordinary - so it may be the one for you - while for me it's a touch over-sized in its format.

Univibe or Chorus which is it ?

Nonetheless a pretty cool addition to this genre. This has just been revised and re-launched, and of course the first batch sold out almost immediately. But as is the way with Drolo - there will be another batch along soon enough - roughly one per month. All in all a quite unique take on the format - and one what I'm very interested in acquiring at some stage.

EQD usually has its own unique take on the format - and the Night Wire is no exception. The key elements here are the two toggle switches - the upper of which controls the Tremolo portion - Attack or Manual - meaning the former allows you to ramp up tempo by degree of pick attack. If you roll the depth back the Night Wire will act like a fixed filter, phase-shifter or envelope-controlled-filter depending on the Frequency mode selected.

Of the 4 dials the Frequency control is the unusual one - and with the combination of features here this makes for a really feature-rich experience. I would have still like tap-tempo to really though! The Tre-Verb to me has always seemed to be Fender's take on the Strymon Flint - they're not identical - but superficially they are very similar - 3 Reverb modes - '63, '65 and Plate and 3 Tremolo modes - Opto, Bias and Harmonic.

You also get the typical controls you would expect for each of those effect types - Blend, Dwell and Tone for the Reverb, and Level, Depth and Rate for the tremolo - it's a decent take on the format and pretty reasonably priced - but does not have some of the extra bells and whistles these others have!

I liked this when it first came out - but the new V2 version is killer - with its smart Dual tremolo mode and Ramping functions.Discussion in ' Amps and Cabs ' started by MuttlyboyApr 7, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Do Brownface Fender amps Trem sound like Univibe?

Apr 7, 1. Messages: 1, I have no experience with the Fender Harmonic Tremolo, but supposedly the Supro Trem has a Harmonic Trem setting which is similar to the Brownface amps. This thing seems to sound quite a bit like a Vibe type pedal, and it makes me wonder if that's also how the Brownface Harmonic Trem sounds. MuttlyboyApr 7, Apr 7, 2. Apr 7, 3. Messages: 25, Not exactly.

It works by splitting the sound into low and high bands and then inducing a phase change which varies around the cutoff frequency.

univibe vs tremolo

The first version was very phasey. Not exactly like a Univibe, since the underlying technology was completely different, but had a lot of similarities. The LFO is quite different and the notches aren't exactly the same. The second version was much quieter a buffer kept the oscillator noise out of the signal path and somewhat more "swirly" and less phasey.

Figaro likes this. Apr 7, 4. Messages: Walter BroesApr 7, Apr 7, 5. Messages: 4, I have a 61 Pro that has the three tube vibrato.The UniVibe is perhaps one of the most unique effects ever created and its hypnotic tone still fascinates new generations of guitarists. The UniVibe was designed in by Japanese company Shin-ei.

The idea was to replicate the doppler effect or the sound of a rotating speaker but the result turned out to be very different sounding. The circuit is basically a 4-stage phaser based on a pulsating light bulb surrounded by four photo cells see this excellent article for technical details.

The original UniVibe featured an expression pedal for adjusting the speed but lacked true bypass switching and it was quite noisy. As Pink Floyd premiered and toured their new suite, Eclipse, in earlyGilmour upgraded his pedal collection they were still lying straight on the floor with a couple of new items, including a UniVibe.

The pedal was featured on almost all the songs, adding a haunting texture to his tone. Later, when Dark Side of the Moon was released inthe UniVibe was featured on only a couple of songs, including Breathe.

In David got a custom rack unit of the UniVibe and the effect was featured on live performances of Breathe and Time. There are different opinions about where the UniVibe and modulation effects in general should be placed on a pedal board.

The reason for this is that UniVibes tend to make heavier overdrives and fuzz sound harsh and thin, when these are placed in front of the UniVibe. Placing the UniVibe first, creates a warmer and more natural sounding effect. Gilmour always used the UniVibe with a clean sounding amp and perhaps just a very mild overdrive.

Hendrix, on the other hand, would place a Fuzz Face before the UniVibe but he also cranked his Marshalls for dark overdrive tones. This combo did often produce some very strange and wild sounds, but on songs like Machine Gun, you can still hear that creamy, warm UniVibe and the cranked Marshall controlled by the guitar volume control. Unlike other modulation pedals, UniVibes needs a bit of volume to really open up for that liquidy, swirling tone.

On low volume levels and perhaps even a dark sounding amp, the UniVibe can sound muffled, thin and flat. Try increasing the volume on your amp or use a clean booster for a bit more bite and the UniVibe will sound much more dynamic and characteristic.

I also find that UniVibes sound more authentic and natural when paired up with vintage style low output single coils like CS54, CS69 or Texas Specials or similar from other brands. Everyone seem to have their own opinion of UniVibes and how they should sound. However, what you hear on those recordings is a manipulated tone.

Amp settings, mics and mic positions, mixing techniques etc is all a part of the tone we all love. Which model you should choose comes down to personal preference and how well a unit fits your rig. Some have more mid range and others might have a more pronounced throb at lower speeds.

Unlike Big Muff clones, which vary from dark overdrive to screaming mid rangy fuzz, a UniVibe clone is pretty much a UniVibe — peirod. Effectrode has one philosophy — making the best pedals possible and base them all on tubes.

The Tube-Vibe feature an all tube preamp stage and the classic controls of the original unit. The tube preamp aslo makes it possible to boost the volume and drive the front end of your amp for a bit of that tube punch. See my full review here. There are better units out there and among the vintage sounding ones, I think the MJM 60s Vibe and Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe does a far better job but the MXR is definitely worth checking out and perhaps easier to come by than some of the clones.

The Viscous is a fully digital recreation of the original late 60s Uni-Vibe. TC has done an impressive job with this one and you can definitely hear the classic tones. The Tone Print also allow you to fine tune the tone and create some really nice custom sounds. The Vibe Machine houses a unique 4-photo mini cell circuitry in a pedal board friendly chassis. This unit is packed with features, which, in my opinion makies it the most versatile vibe on the market.

The Vibe Machine produce well pronounced phasing even at the lowest speed settings, smooth and deep throb at higher speed and dead silent operation. The Vibe Machine also tackle heavier gain and fuzz without getting thin and fissy. Compared to the Tube-Vibe, the tone is slightly brighter and perhaps a bit more defined. The smaller footprint is definitely a pluss but this is one of the most lush and sweetest sounding UniVibes on the market. The MoonVibe got a facelift recently and the result is an even better sounding UniVibe with some very cool new features.Log in or Sign up.

The Gear Page. UniVibe vs. Apr 26, 1. Messages: 1, I've been listening to a lot of clips of the Bigfoot FX MagnaVibe a Magnatone-type vibrato pedal and they seem to sound a lot like a UniVibe in "vibrato" mode, and in some cases a little like a harmonic tremolo. Has anyone had the chance to compare the MagnaVibe, or any Magnatone-type vibrato, to a UniVibe--particularly in "vibrato" mode?

Do you think a UniVibe can cop the same sound? Could an harmonic trem do the job of a MagnaVibe? A UniVibe? What do you think? KillshakesApr 26, Tri Pedal Reviews likes this. Apr 26, 2. Messages: 8, All 3 functions are different. The Vibrato is more Leslie like. Never used the Magnatone. Apr 26, 3. Tiny Montgomery and Agitator like this. Apr 26, 4.

univibe vs tremolo

Messages: 15, If you're looking for a harmonic trem, try the Pareidolia. StratobucApr 26, McQ7 likes this. Apr 26, 5. Messages: 3, I'm pretty curious about this myself since I've been dividing up Trems to shoot out and Magnatone type vibrato and Harmonic Trems seem to sound similar. I understand there is a fundamental difference, one is modulating tone, not pitch. I think that is an interesting comparison to make. I have a couple Univibe like pedals that have vibrato modes MDV3 and Drybelland a couple trem pedals that do magnatone like vibe.

So I'll see about doing a video. I don't have either a real magnatone vibrato or a real univibe to compare. Tri Pedal ReviewsApr 26, Killshakes likes this.So what I just demonstrated was kind of a genre specific representation of some music that maybe Jimi Hendrix might have played in the '60's, a lot of psychedelic music.

And the effect that a lot of the muse was vibrato as opposed to tremolo, vibrato is altering the pitch rather than the volume. Without getting too technical there's a million variations of what that means, but to the ear what it means is that you're getting a pitch shift.

But really what this pedal is it's called the Deja Vibe by Fulltone. It emulates the classic UniVibe effect, which is what Jimi Hendrix used along with his Marshall amps and his fuzz pedals and other various effects.

univibe vs tremolo

The UniVibe was one of the early pre-chorus effect pedals that really gave you a kind of a pitch shift effect.

And this pedal is one of the first ones that I ever heard that really sounded like the UniVibe. The settings that we have here, obviously on and off. Speed, which is the rate of how fast the wave form is. Intensity, for this effect I feel like it's such a profound effect that I like to hear it, so I keep the intensity pretty high. It's not a subtle effect, so for me, I usually keep that at a maximum.

Volume, self-explanatory volume with the effect. And then you have these little parameters here, modern versus vintage, vibrato versus chorus.

That Pedal Show – Tom Quayle's New Pedalboard. Epic Player, Wonderful Tones…

I don't really hear much of a difference between the modern and the vintage. The vibrato and chorus really does-- to me the vibrato one enhances the pitch more. Chorus smooths it out a little bit. Tons of different settings in between. The spectrum is pretty wide on this pedal.

What next? Univibe or Tremolo?

It's very effective. It's very great. I don't use it all the time, but when I do I'm definitely going for something specific.Posted on April 15, Univibe or Chorus which is it? Lets look at Univibes and Chorus pedals, the original Univibe from the Jimi era it actually says on the pedal Chorus and Vibrato! So here again we have tons of confusion of is a Univibe a Chorus pedal, worse is it a Vibrato pedal.

Well like Vibrato Fender amps that where actually tremolo a Univibe is really a phaser circuit a 4 stage phaser to be exact. The UniVibe was designed in by Japanese company Shin-ei.

The idea was to replicate the doppler effect or the sound of a rotating speaker but the result turned out to really sound nothing like a Leslie speaker system or pedal simulator based on time drag. The circuit is basically a 4-stage phaser based on a pulsating light bulb surrounded by four photo cells.

But in the end it's a Phaser guitar pedal, and this is far from a Chorus guitar pedal. It's a shimmering time delayed pitch modulated beautiful effect not a phaser.

If your lucky plug these two fine guitar pedals in line with each other and go back and forth. They sound mmm a bit close in texture if you where stoned Please wait Home Blog Univibe or Chorus which is it? Play on Jimi. Contact Us Musictoyz.Log in or Sign up.

The Gear Page. What next? Univibe or Tremolo? Jun 30, 1. Messages: I'm adding some new things to my rig because we're recording an album at the moment. At the moment, I'm really interested in buying a tremolo or a univibe.

While I know they're both quite different effects, I just love that pulsating and hypnotic 3D-like feel they add to the song. I'm not sure though which to buy.

Tremolos can be found cheaper and do that hypnotic thing pretty well and I'm really into swamp rock and surf so I think you can guess where the appeal for tremolos come from BUT I also just love how univibes give that really haunting throb. I'm sure you can guess by now that it's a psychedelic album heavily influenced by the 60s and 70s I know this is pretty vague and controversial and I should follow my ears, but I'd like to know if you were in my place what would you choose and why?

If there's anything you want to know to help decide feel free to ask.

univibe vs tremolo

Jun 30, 2. Messages: 8, Just get yourself a Line6 M5 and you'll have both and some other comparable effects as the need comes up at a pretty cheap entry point. Source Audio probably has a pedal that does both effects too.

Zoom CDR70 does that as well and a whole lot more for a small footprint pedal. A Tremolo is, I think for a lot of people, an effect that can be used more often than a univibe, although in the right place, a univibe is a fantastic effect. Alchemist XPJun 30, Jun 30, 3. Messages: 3, I'd get a Gray trem. RiffaJun 30, Jun 30, 4. I always recommend it.

Jun 30, 5. My favorite question, what's your budget? Vhailor and 71strat like this. Jun 30, 6. A good photocell vive can sound like a trem and more.

Tremolo vs Vibrato– What’s the Difference on These Two Techniques?

TerryTedJun 30, Jun 30, 7. Jun 30, 8. Jun 30, 9. Jun 30,

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