Member State of the Arab League. Visitors to Sudan must obtain a visa from one of the Sudanese diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold passports valid for a minimum of 6 months from the arrival date.

Citizens of the following 6 countries can visit Sudan without a visa: [1]. Persons with a Sudanese father can obtain visa on arrival regardless of their current nationality. Persons married to Sudanese national both male and female can get visa on arrival with valid marriage certificate. Visa waiver agreement for diplomatic passports was signed with Russia and it is yet to come into force.

Only holders of diplomatic or special passports of the following countries may obtain a visa on arrival, valid for 2 months: [3]. Mandatory Police Registration for all nationalities is required within 24 hours of arrival [4] [5]. Entry and transit is refused to Israeli citizens, even if not leaving the aircraft and proceeding by the same flight. Admission is also refused to holders of passports or travel documents containing a visa or entry stamp issued by Israel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Policy on permits required to enter Sudan. Not to be confused with Visa policy of South Sudan. Transitional Legislative Council. Administrative divisions. Recent elections General: Foreign relations.

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Constitution 4 August Draft Constitutional Declaration — Legislature Transitional Legislative Council. Elections Recent elections General: Political parties. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Sudan.The rules of the Egypt — Sudan border do change fast. If you have more up-to-date information, kindly let me know and I will update this accordingly.

Crossing the border from Egypt to Sudan overland is not as easy as it may sound.

sudan visa at border

In this article, I am going to show you the whole process, step by step, from catching the bus in Aswan to arriving in Wadi Halfa the first city in Sudanese after the border. Travel insurance for Sudan and Egypt Egypt to Sudan border crossing. Any regular insurance will cover for travel in Egypt. Therefore, it is better if you travel with an insurance that covers both countries and the one I recommend is IATI Insurance.

Which one should you choose? That depends on the money you want to spend and the time you have. On second class, you get a bench to sleep on, whereas on first class you get a room with 4 beds with dirty, year-old linens.

On the boat, you can get some basic meals, like bread, foul beans, eggs, and sweets. You can also get sodas, water, and tea. Anything extra, you should bring it with you. Since now, the bus runs every day, the boat only leaves on Sunday. Before you could also take it on Thursday. Departure time is pretty uncertain as they tell you something between 10am and 5pm. However, apparently, the average time is between 2pm — 4pm.

The train from Aswan to the harbor leaves at am.

After Sudan's visa

Aswan High Dam. These are the approximate coordinates: While you are waiting for your Sudan visa, go to the terminal and ask for the exact timetable. I got my visa on a Monday, so I had no other choice to take the bus. Step 1: Get your bus ticket to Wadi Halfa. Ideally, you should be able to catch a direct bus from Abu Simbel to Wadi Halfa, right?View Alerts and Messages Archive. See our Fact Sheet on Sudan for information on U.

Entry & Exit Formalities

Obtain your visa before traveling. Visit the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan website for the most current visa information.

Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Sudanese Embassy or Consulate. The Government of the Republic of the Sudan requires U. There are two exceptions to this requirement: U.

Exit Visas: You may need to obtain an exit visa at the Aliens Department before departing the country and pay any airport departure tax not included in your airline ticket.

If you enter Sudan on a tourist visa and do not extend your stay, you can obtain your exit stamp at the airport. Women and Children: Women and children, including dual national Sudanese-American citizens, must have the consent of their fathers or husbands to depart Sudan. Women with sole custody of their children granted by a U. Husbands often use this law to prevent their wives and children from returning to the United States.

Contact the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan for more information. Sudanese law requires a negative HIV test result in order to obtain a work or residence visa. Find information on dual nationalityprevention of international child abductionand customs regulation on our websites.

Visa policy of Sudan

A national state of emergency, which gives security forces greater powers of arrest, is in effect across the country. Detentions, including of foreigners, have been reported in different parts of the country, including in Khartoum. Demonstrations occur frequently and police response can be sudden and violent. Curfews may be imposed with little or no warning.

Penalties for violating curfews can include imprisonment. Violent civil unrest, crime, and armed conflict are present in the contested regions in Darfur and in Blue Nile and South Kordofan states. Violent crimes including kidnappings, armed robberies, home invasions, and carjacking have occurred in these areas. Intercommunal violence targets civilians in opposing villages and towns.The normal processing time for Visa Application may take business days.

Please allow sufficient time to process visa applications. We only accept the following forms of payment: U. Please remember to write clearly and complete the entire application form. Failure to do so may result in a longer processing time. Search for:. Entry Visa Download Form. Contact Info. Call Us Email Us consular sudanembassy. See Our Gallery. Each applicant should fill out a separate form, even for children of all ages One 1 passport sized photo attached to the form A Sudanese National Sponsor with full details e.

If no sponsor, we will accept: A confirmation letter from a Hotel in Sudan containing the hotel reservation details OR A letter from a Travel Agency in Sudan containing the details of the trip.

sudan visa at border

Original U. Green Card or U. Visa Applicants holding U. Green Card as proof of legal presence in the U. Applicants holding National passport of a country other than U.

Each applicant should fill out a separate form, even for children of all ages One 1 passport sized photo attached to the form A letter from the sponsoring company stating the purpose of the trip, duration of stay, financial responsibility and references in Sudan Original U.

Passports are only required once the visa application is approved. No personal checks will be accepted. For walk-in transactionswe accept cash no credit or debit cards. All payments must be payable to Embassy of Sudan.

Failure to send one may cause delay in the return of the passport s For mailing applications.Important update November — The city of Aswan in Egypt stopped issuing visas for no apparent reason but it was just temporarily. You can now apply there for your visa, even though they have increased the price to USD. This post keeps regularly updated thanks to the input from some amazing travelers. All the information you see is the latest updated from For more information read my travel guide to Sudan.

The downside of it is that each embassy has its own rules and some of them require a letter of invitation. Also, if you are not sure of your date of entry, it would probably be better to apply for it in Egypt or Ethiopia.

Typically, the embassies charge USD. For the visa, the process is quick and it only takes 1 working day. Make sure to arrive early around 8 a. Bring the invitation letter, a copy of your passport, 2 photos, address of stay in Sudan, address and tel number of your sponsor in Sudan. They issue both entry and transit visas. Sudan visa in Nairobi Update September — A traveler recently reported that he applied for the visa in Nairobi and got it on the next day.

The price is 55USD. Before, you needed to get a letter of recommendation from your own embassy in Cairo and the process used to take 1 or 2 weeks.

Now, you can get it on the same day and it costs USD. If you have any further updates, they are more than welcome. Aswan is a city which is only kilometers from the Sudanese border and, this is by far, the easiest, quickest and cheapest place to obtain a visa. According to the embassy official, a sponsor is not necessary, as long as permission is given.

Read: Egypt-Sudan border crossing.Getting a Sudanese visa can be a random experience, depending on where you apply, what day of the week it is, and the phase of the moon.

Addis Ababa can be a difficult place to get a visa, it is usually quicker to fly to Cairo and get a visa rather than wait for one in Addis Ababa. However it can be random, people have been occasionally known to get a visa in a couple of days in Addis. You must have no evidence of having visited Israel in your passport. This includes exit stamps from border posts in countries bordering Israel. A recently issued passport by your embassy with no stamps is suspicious to the Sudanese that you are trying to hide evidence of having visited Israel.

There may appear to be on the map other border crossings but the land border is most definitely closed to tourists. First class you get your own stinky cabin, second class you get deck space maybe, if you get on board early enough.

It's cheaper for a motorbike. The vehicle will not go on the ferry, it will go on a barge that goes separately from the ferry and arrives in Wadi Halfa a couple of days after the ferry depending on the weather and whether the barge breaks down!

If you have a large vehicle over 5m long you may have to charter your own barge again from the Nile Navigation Co as your vehicle will not fit widthways on the standard barge. Once you get to Wadi Halfa, the port is a couple of km from the 'town' such as it is. Once you have got through immigration and customs straightforward and hassle free - you did get your visa in Cairo for U.

They will take advantage of your green-ness and try and charge you sudanese dinars about U. The right price should be about 50 sudanese dinars, but they are unlikely to take that. Anyway, it's not that bad, follow the railway line to walk into town. You might even get a free lift from a minibus. In Wadi Halfa itself there are an equally dismal selection of 'hotels', all with long-drop toilets and bucket showers.

The standard price is dinars per bed 4 beds to a room and no amount of haggling will reduce this. You can change dollars to dinars at the bank in Wadi Halfa at a non-rip-off rate. You need to register with the police which is expensive at U. Your transport will arrive a day or two later.

To get your vehicle off the barge and out of customs without costing you a fortune can be a challenge. It helps if there is a big group of you and you stick together and nobody goes off opening their wallet to get the job done quicker.

This is something for which you need LOTS of patience. Have heard stories of people paying U.Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website.

International Travel

You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Entering Sudan is usually straightforward for visitors carrying a passport with a validity of at least one year.

sudan visa at border

Visas are available on arrival for most nationalities, provided visitors have an entry permit arranged via a local tour operator or a hotel. Everyone, except Egyptians, needs a visa, and getting one could be the worst part of your trip. Some embassies are easier to deal with regarding visas than others, and in all cases a transit visa which gives you up to a fortnight to transit the country is easier to get than a month-long tourist visa. Note that if there is evidence of travel to Israel in your passport you will be denied a visa.

Currently Aswan Egypt remains the easiest places to get a visa; they are normally issued in a couple of days or even less there. A tourist visa is very hard to get in Addis Ababa Ethiopiabut transit visas are possible. In Europe, the embassy in Vienna is reportedly the easiest place to get a tourist visa. Expect all this information to change constantly. For a tourist visa, it helps a lot to let a Sudanese tour operator arrange it.

If you are lucky, it can take as little as three days but 10 days sounds more realistic. If the tour companies give you the runaround some may be reluctant to offer this service if you don't book a tour with themsome hotels in Khartoum can also arrange an entry permit. The Bougainvilla Guesthouse and Acropole Hotel are very helpful in this regard. They may ask you to book a few nights on top of the service fees.

sudan visa at border

You need one photo and photocopies of your passport and visa there's a photocopier in the building and a letter from a sponsor in Sudan; your hotel will normally act as your sponsor and provide you with the required letter.

Even cheap hotels should be able to do this, although you might have to go and collect the required form from the office for them to fill in. If you're travelling with a tour company they will take care of this for you. If doing it all independently allow several hours and a headache. There is also another registration office at the airport. Technically this office is only for emergency cases and shouldn't be relied on, but on Fridays, when the main office is closed, you can do it here.

If you registered on entry at a land border, you need to do it again in Khartoum, but you don't have to pay again. In all towns where you overnight you will need to register with the police — this is free, and it's a straightforward process; most hotels or guesthouses can do it on your behalf.

The Sudanese authorities have always been renowned for their paranoia about foreigners nosing about their country. All travel outside Khartoum requires a travel permit. Take one photo and a copy of your passport and visa to the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife in the Riyadh area south of the city centre. A permit covering everywhere you intend to visit except the no-go zones can be issued on the spot. This permit is a combined travel and photograph permit.

Carry dozens of photocopies of this permit along with copies of your passport and visa to give to police at checkpoints and when checking in at hotels. Visa extensions are issued at the Aliens Registration Office in Khartoum. You need one photo and varying amounts of money and patience to get your extra 30 days. You can pick your visa up the same day. Saudi Arabia Visa applications are handled by travel agencies many of which surround the embassywhich can get you a transit visa in two days.

Visas are not issued during the hajj and nor are they issued to unmarried women under 40 unless they are accompanied by their husband or brother and can prove it.

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