Originally posted by gounderoos. Thanks so much for the request. It was actually really fun to write. Part two here. Masterlist Request a Prompt. I sat up in bed, my face sticky because of the tears I shed last night. I squinted due to the sunlight coming in through the curtains.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I threw the covers off of me as the patter of the dog running around the house erupted from down the hall. I stretched before I finally got out of the bed, tripped over the dog and my own shoes while I groaned when I walked into the kitchen to make coffee. I leaned against the kitchen counter, my back against the edge of the counter as my mind started to wander, as I started to think about all the things that have happened in the past twenty-four hours.

I could feel tears spring from my eyes as the memories flashed like a movie in my mind. I stared at the ceiling while I went over my speech in my mind. I saw the emails, I saw the note in his bag. I saw the emails because I opened up the computer and his account popped up and I saw the texts while he was in the shower. I ran a hand through his hair as a tear rolled down my cheek. Tom stirred a bit and I quickly wiped my face. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled at me as he spoke.

I turned my head and cringed as his lips made contact with my cheek. You know what? I sat up as well, tears rolled down my cheek as I looked at him. I know about everything you two did. I found the necklace and I saw the emails and texts! I was not one time! What business call takes place in the middle of the evening?

You should have thought about this happening before you slept with her!Written by: aliedelanie. Summary: After spinning the bottle and watching it land on your crush, you hope your dreams come true in that small closet. I knew when we sat down on the living room carpet in a circle that it was a bad idea. Flash had the not so brilliant idea to play spin the bottle, but with a twist.

At first, it was all just a little bit of fun. But, then it was my turn to spin. I was absolutely terrified. Everyone in the circle cheered me on as I surprised myself and spun the beer bottle quickly, not wanting to rig who it would land on. As it slowed down, I figured out who it was going to land on. Across from me, was none other than Peter Parker.

I thanked whatever god was out there that it happened to land on my crush. I had liked Peter since seventh grade, and boy, I nearly fainted at the idea of spending seven minutes locked inside of a small closet with him.

There was barely any time to think before Flash grabbed Peter and Liz grabbed me and forced us into the closet. We both moved away, Peter cleared his throat uncomfortably. I soon started playing with my hair as I refused to look up at Peter. Neither of us said anything. It must have been two minutes that passed before there was a loud bang against the door, causing both me and Peter to jump.

I blushed, but stood tall, washing away all of my fears about kissing Peter. Peter stood stunned for a moment, and though my eyes were closed, I knew he was looking at me. Then, he surprised me when he laid his hand on the small of my back and pulled me closer to him, kissing me harder. I was actually making out with Peter Parker. The Peter Parker was making out with me.

There was another loud bang on the door that brought us back to reality a few minutes later after making out for so long. Love birds, your seven minutes is up, put your shirts back on! Flash unlocked the door and opened it. Peter left first while I fixed up my hair and readjusted myself properly. When I left the closet, too, Peter was waiting for me.

And as we walked back to the living room, he put his hand on my back again. After, Peter and I decided to go home, the party was getting boring, anyhow. And, let me just say, Aunt May makes the best 1 am pancakes… ever…. My face scrunched. Why are you listening! No way! So, I think he wins.What kind of question is that?? He felt angry all the time, he was failing tests, skipping classes, lashing out at others constantly. Today, it was exceptionally bad.

Rushing to his apartment, May greeted you at the door. You knocked on his bedroom door and then opened it. He was standing by his window, with his arms crossed. Clearing your throat, you smiled. He turned to look at you, and your eyes widened. The look on his face was scary. How about the movies? Or maybe we can just watch one here? You were about to open your mouth to suggest something else when suddenly his desk went from one side of the room.

You jumped back, scared. What are you doing! Just shut the fuck up! It was the first time that he raised his voice at you. Go away. Are you kidding me? You shook your head. He was furious, his face was red and his hands were shaking too much.

peter parker imagine he yells at you

Aunt May was about to yell at him to stop but the look on his face scared her. He dragged you down the stairs and walked outside the apartment complex. And he finally let you go.

You and I are done. And with that, he walked back inside and left you standing there. The only thing that quickly settled into your head was that he broke up with you. If you wanna be a dog…RUFF. You know? Remus : [dad, look! The benefits of killing him would be: I would get pushed way less. Petunia : I saw you hanging out with caitlin yesterday!!

Despite all that, he is yelling at Steve, a man who actually lost many loved ones to the snap, including two of his best friends while Tony himself still has his best friend with him and his wife. Not to mention, as old as he is, he is not embarrassed to be acting like the only victim of Thanos, and the only one who has suffered and zero self awareness as to how self centered he sounds, especially since he is actually older than Steve. Also the actual final battle against Thanos where the actual losing of the battle against Thanos happened is somehow not important.

The sheer audacity he has to open his mouth and yell at another person about literally anything when his ass should have been in jail for Ultron alone is beyond me. My father made that sheild. So this whole rant above makes zero cents, in that, by this point in time after the Snap, he knows - knows! What was Vision but not the upgraded version of Ultron that Ultron himself made? Dude was literally made of vibranium, the strongest metal on earth, and the Black Order, and then later Thanos, tore through him like he was nothing.

Right up there with the likes of Thor and the Hulk, with only Wanda and Carol surpassing them.Imagine: can you write a peter parker imagine where you both have secret identities. You nod and grab the big bowl of popcorn, putting it in between you and Peter. He shoved his hand inside and got a big handful of popcorn, he than stuffed it all into his face, chewing loudly afterwards.

You smile and roll your eyes at how adorable he looked when he stuffed his face like an animal. You were watching your favorite movie because you got hurt on your last mission and you needed something to lift your spirits. All you told him was that you fell off your bike and your scraped your arm.

But Peter just wanted to take care of you and give you what you wanted, and you wanted to watch a movie. It was practically midnight when the movie ended. Peter shut it off and let out a tired yawn stretching out his arms. Peter laid down and pretty much passed out right when he hit the pillow. You smiled and looked at him, he was so handsome, you never knew how you got so lucky.

Before you kissed him goodnight, your watch you were wearing started to beep rapidly. Your eyes went wide and you throw your hand over your watch, hoping it would stop. It was nothing dear. Just go back to sleep honey. Peter smiled with satisfaction and went back to sleep. But he had his arms wrapped around you. You laid in his arms as he fell asleep.

Peter Parker imagine edit

Normally you would love falling asleep in his arms, but the fact that your watch went off meant that there was a mission call. You saw that he was fast asleep, so you brought your watch close to your face and turned it on quietly. You had to go off and fight some bad guys who were holding people hostage at a store. You were assigned this mission because you were the closet to where the store was.

peter parker imagine he yells at you

Peter started to snore which gave you the signal he was fast asleep. You slowly get a pillow and gradually slide it where you were currently lying. You rolled off the bed nice and easy, hoping not to awaken him. When you hit the ground, you looked up at Peter who just took the pillow and squeezed it tight. You snickered a little bit, but your watch started to beep rapidly once again.

You ran out of the room and raced out the house, going to the store who needed your help. When you finished fighting off the bad guys, you watched them get shoved into the police cars. The policemen thanked you once again for your heroic doing.Kind of teen wolf style lol.

I actually took a while to write this because I decided to do the research on how to handle a panic attack. As someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I tried my best to make this realistic, but also enjoyable to read. Science had definitely never been your forte. He had been helping you study for your big science test for the past hour but you had made little progress. That was always the phrase that set you off, when people told you to calm down or relax.

You could feel your heart rate start to pick up and you knew what was happening. You started to go down, grabbing onto the couch for leverage.

Your breathing was rapid, in quick bursts including gasping. Tears started coming out of your eyes. You had always been attracted to Peter and always tried to keep your cool around him. You wanted to impress him. But now was not your chance to look calm, cool and sophisticated. Peter stared, open mouth, at you for a couple seconds, having no idea what to do, before he rushed over to you and tried to put his arm around you to comfort you. You turned around, not wanting to see you like this.

He turned you around to face him. He kissed you. It was rushed and panicked, but filled with passion. It let the oxygen leave your brain, which caused you to calm down. It was exactly what you needed to hear. You smiled a little bit, and kissed him softly this time. Imagine requests are wide open! Kind of teen wolf style lol I actually took a while to write this because I decided to do the research on how to handle a panic attack.

Four In The Morning (Tom Holland)

I hope you enjoy! Designed by Sleepover.When you were sick it seemed like Tony was always head deep in whatever he was doing. As soon as he heard your hoarse voice call his name he would forget everything he was doing. You reached out and tried to grab his hand as he passed you by. Tony looked down at you and frowned, He could tell there was something wrong.

He kneeled by the couch and sighed unhappily. You stroked his arm and coughed. You sat up slightly and rubbed your head. He noticed the sags in your eyes. Tony felt your head and nodded. He picked up his iPad from the table and used the Jarvis app. He talked to Jarvis about grabbing medicine and other things for you while he layed down next to you. He hugged his arms around you as he kissed your cheek.

Instead of working on his new suits like he planned, Tony dropped everything he was doing to stay and snuggle on the couch with you. It was the best sick day ever and sometimes you wished you got sick more often. Steve was always was frazzled when you were sick.

peter parker imagine he yells at you

Although you felt rude telling him what to do, Steve felt good knowing he could help. You woke up, your stomach churning and aching. You rolled over slowly and shook your boyfriend awake. Steve rolled over and looked at your bright red face.

He stroked your cheek and frowned. He felt terrible and had no clue what to do. He stood up and picked you up. He carried you into the kitchen and set you down on the counter. You pointed to the bottle of Pepto Bismol and gave it to Steve. He carefully poured the medicine and gave it to you. You spent the whole day instructing him and showing him how to take care of you. It made you giggle at how gentle and scared he was that you would drop at the second. He helped you by following your instructions.

It was absolutely adorable and you wished he was more like this all the time. Thor had never gotten sick before, so he understood nothing about new medicine. Luckily, when you were sick, you never hit rock bottom.A rapid knock at your window awoke you from your slumber.

You were so close with Peter that you could tell the difference between his knocks based off of his moods. His usual knock was very playful, but this rapid succession knock let you know that whatever it was was an absolute emergency. You looked over at your clock and it read in the morning. What could Peter have done at 2 in the morning? You crawled out of bed and opened up the window, Peter falling in, quite literally.

You gasped as you could see your carpet build up blood from Peter. You rushed over to him, and rolled him over.

He winced in pain as he held his arm which had a long cut running down it. You applied pressure to the wound and looked up at him to see him looking in concentration.

You knew that this was a lie because of how long it took for him to come up with that. You let it slide however because he was in enough pain as it was. You bandaged him up and hugged him tightly, thankful that he was ok. The truth came a few weeks later. He knew it was time to come clean. He asked if he could come over to your house, which was unusual since he always just came over unannounced, which is what you liked about him.

He came in through the window as always, but the look on his face told a different story from the usual face Peter had. He just told you to sit down on the bed next time. You sat next to him and slipped your arm through his, but he just slid out of your touch. He started to fidget with his hands, which was something he did when he was nervous. After a few seconds of silence, Peter turned to face you. I was bit by a radioactive spider and I now try and protect the city.

You gave him a confused look. You shook your head and wiped away your tears. You two had never said those words before, so it took Peter aback for a moment.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You knew he meant no harm but his words brought rage in you. Staying together is what we should do. He held onto you back after a moment, knowing you were right.

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