Magento 2 Product Questions extension effectively assists customers to reach frequent questions related to their concerned products and other policies quickly and easily. Besides, customers can find it easy and convenient to address questions right on the page. Noticeably, this extension also well facilitates SEO effect. Add to cart. User Guide. The pages are distributed logically and sensibly into the main sections including Knowledge Base search box and various question categories with specific functions: searching already-answered questions by using keywords, sorting out questions by main topics.

As a result, customers can easily look for separate questions which they are concerned about, or they can view all questions related to one topic, for example, Guarantee Policy.

Product questions extension by Mageplaza allows admin freely change URLs for each question page, question category page or Product Questions homepage to make better for search engines. Besides, using human-readable URLs makes it more friendly to customers. For each question, meta title and meta description can be edited to optimize search engines. Question categories are arranged neatly and conveniently below the search box. Customers will find it very simple to look for one or a group of related questions thanks to category title.

Besides, the title, icon, and position of the category are easily configured from the backend or set the questions to appear or not. By instant search box, customers can easily look for one or some particular questions by typing some main characters. Hence, the Product Questions page below will automatically display questions related to the keywords, and customers only need to click and read more.

magento 2 product customization extension

The design of this search box can be customized easily from the admin backend. Magento 2 Product Questions by Mageplaza allows admin to change the design of question pages with ease. On the backend, the theme color can be easily configured. Besides, customization can easily be done with Page Layout, question style, Categories column. The answer can be shown by some first words or a full one. It can be collapsible or displayed as default. Customers can assess the helpfulness of question by question rating.

Admin can restrict rating to specific customers. Admin can set the visibility of questions to certain viewers or allows leaving questions or not. Reports on Views, Action, Positive or Negative rating from the backend help admin follow and access questions easily. Terms and Conditions box is shown in question form. Your customer should visit any question details page to find Ask a question form and leave a question there.

It seems that you haven't assigned the question to any category yet. Please go to the backend to configure. Do you often visit us for purchasing extensions and technical support? Speak to April to learn about your exclusive benefits on Mageplaza. A nice addition to our webshop. You will also be found better for Google SEO. There are still some minor points that need to be worked on.

It is not responsive for mobile browsers. I am going to send this feedback to the developers, and I am sure that they will optimize these minor issues. Communication runs perfectly and fast with the developers in a professional manner. Very easy to use FAQ plugin, but it doesn't look good on mobile. The overall layout is not good when I check the FAQ section on my phone.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

magento 2 product customization extension

Magento 2 Product Customizer is a tool that offers your customers the possibility to build a personalized product. They can choose and preview possible product options like material, size, color, form, accessories, design, etc.

With Magento 2 Product Configurator, you can add fully customizable product options. Choose how to display options on the frontend and let your customers choose the size, color, form, design, fabric, additional elements, etc.

Mark a needed setting as required and add fixed or percent cost to each option. Customize titles of the variants and add unique descriptions to clarify the difference between them. The price of the final product will be calculated by the following algorithm: the basic price of a non-custom product plus costs of all additional options.

You can specify a fixed price for custom options as well as a percentage amount. Whenever a customer makes the changes, the total price is calculated according to the new configuration. That means, no matter how many items will choose a client, the price of this option will be added only once.

Besides, you can make special offers for custom options. You can make them time-limited or offer only to specific customer groups. Customers can see the result of all customization options they apply by clicking the preview button.

The preview also allows you to see customizable areas by highlighting them when you hover over the object. Also, you can show the customization summary on the checkout page to prevent mistakes and order returns. Magento custom product builder supports multiple languages.

You can translate titles and descriptions of product options to other languages or even hide them for specific store views. See also : Use this extension together with GeoIP Redirect for your international store to meet target audience needs.

Usually, on this day, your delivery service is overloaded, so you can offer your customers to make a pre-order and set day, time when they want flowers to be delivered. Just add a delivery date graph to your product page. Add available customization options and manage them in bulk on one handy grid.

Edit options data right on the page: change prices, in-stock quantity, description, etc. When you get a lot of custom orders it might be difficult to keep an eye on your inventory status. Our plugin automatically disables out-of-stock options and shows the warning message on the frontend.

How To Use Magento 2 Product Designer Extension On Frontend - Landofcoder

Also, you can enable the display of the current product options quantity on the frontend and let users define the needed quantity for each option. Admins, in their turn, can analyze the stock level on a separate grid, and update the information in bulk.

It helps to optimize your stock workflow and reduce delivery costs. Make data-driven decisions by analyzing statistical data. See what custom options are more popular among your clients.

With this data, you can refill your stock effectively, add in-demand products, get rid of dead stock thus, increasing your income. See also : Learn more about online consumer behavior from our free e-book. Are you looking to add specific functionality for this extension or want to acquire a reliable development partner altogether? Check them out now!A must-have designer tool for any Magento store that sells products with user-added text or images.

Block access to selected content in Magento and make visitors accept your conditions before they proceed. We have Magento 2 product designer extension. Product personalization has become a go-to strategy for businesses willing to keep ahead of the competition. That is the reason why Customer Product designer is a must-have extension for Magento store owners.

By introducing a product customization service at their stores, online retailers get an outstanding opportunity to increase the average order value and sell more.

Custom-designed products are of a higher interest among buyers than usual items. Additional services like the product personalization allow merchants to show customers that they are ready to go an extra mile for them. Store owners can leverage Custom Product Designer as a great tool for business decision-making.

This can bring actionable insights into the current product assortment and help them introduce the new goods that will be highly relevant and popular among the audience. Upload an image, choose from clipart provided by admin or upload from your Instagram or Pinterest account. Earlier Custom Product Designer was a Magento extension which let buyers personalize goods by adding images and text as well as using shape masks and other tools.

Magento Product Designer

Now its functionality extends way beyond these features, enabling your customers to create masterpieces in no time. Besides an incredibly user-friendly interface, the updated extension provides customers with an extremely broad range of custom options. Admins could change the look of the editor in a number of ways as well as create custom options faster using mass assign option.

Copy custom options from one product to another in a flash. Seriously, it is THAT fast. Bringing the most pleasant user experience practices to the table, we have changed the design of the editor both pop-up and on-page modes. The popup editor is now responsivewhich makes Custom Product Designer accessible and usable on any device. Respecting your perfectionism, we added a possibility for admins to scale product image shown in the popup editor.

Now instead of wading through a list of related and non-related fonts, a customer chooses a font family and then decides whether the font should be regular, bolditalic or hairline. Logic is our second name. A customer can choose to make text curve at the desired angle in order to match the shape of the product or just for pure design purposes. The extension could be useful for any kind of store.

Personalized Products M2

Even if you have a design boutique selling geometric minimalist lamps and might have doubts on whether any additional design would seem tasteless on them. Your visitors will be able to create individual design while preserving the minimalist style of your products and zen wiIl be saved. Social media junkies will largely appreciate if you let them take advantage of design they have already created or marked as their favorite on social media. Let your buyers upload their personal pictures from Instagram and Pinterest using Custom Product Designer and their love and likes will be guaranteed.

Convinced to buy? Remember that with the extension you get a day money back guarantee, free email support for life and 6 months of free updates. Magento Custom Product Options plugin — Set specific dependencies between options and values and assign multiple products to any existing template at one go. Config Magento Product plugin — Generate new simple associated products leveraging multiple product attributes and manage them in a separate table.

Magento Grouped Product Options extension — Create and edit new product groups and assign custom attributes for any item included into a group. Magento Product Product Attributes Visualisation extension — Upload icons, images and colors and change text descriptions to the corresponding objects automatically. Return to Top. July 31, ver. Compatible with Custom Product Options Templates ver.This Magento 2 Product Designer Extension lets buyer personalize a product with image, text, clipart etc.

The admin can charge for every text, image, clipart or quote that is being added by the user for designing. Works with default Magento functionalities of Custom options and Custom attributes to provide an even better personalization experience. Support is also always great. The price is very good in terms of performance. The support team is as helpful as possible. This module works great and I will be buying again for other clients. This is the best personalized products module I have used for Magento.

As great as the module is the support they provide is perfectly matched. Milople help me to get the perfect extension for my use.

It works perfectly without any bug. You can ask them whatever you desire. I have tried the product customization of a different magento developers and remained unsatisfied.

Tried Milople extension and it's working for me. It is better in all aspects. Great value for money. I have purchased Magento 2 version and Rich version of this product designer extension. Working great so far.

I have got done some customization. There were some minor issues which they solved in no time. Yes I like this. It does not work well, after a fix we have put configurable products and it has stopped working.

After a few emails when they have finally seen that it does not work they tell me that I finish the free support. I would not recommend buying this. It only gives problems does and not work well. I think that for simple products it can work.It's not a product, it's a service created by Magento providers whose customers want to make a product as their demand.

In case you want to get an extension that meets your demand but it may be different from the available on a page.

Magento 2 Product Designer Extension

You will contact them and after discussing, they will custom the product for you. The module itself is an easy-to-use tool to configure and design custom options for your products in Magento. Best regards, Alexander. Sign In Help. Forums : Extensions : Find an Extension that Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Product Customization extension. New Member.

magento 2 product customization extension

Labels: magento2 marketplace. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Occasional Contributor. Re: Product Customization extension. Hi jonnydixon Please do post a reply as soon as you find an alternative solution. Looks very interesting. Hi Jonny, Hope you are doing well.

This is LandOfCoder contact, hope it can help! Email: info landofcoder. Frequent Contributor. Hi, Yes There is an option available. M2 Certified. Yes, there is an option available.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Offer your customers unique product customization and personalization experience 'Build Your Own Product' online and in-store with this easy-to-use Custom Product Builder extension. Store admins can create interactive ''Build Your Own Product" pages using transparent PNG images and conditional logic rules for displaying different options. Customers can then select and preview in live mode all available product variations i. The subscription comes with a day FREE trial - cancel at any time.

Please use this link to sign up for a license and review pricing. Please note that the extension doesn't require a license to run on localhost use '. You can also import your products from localhost in this case. The Custom Product Builder subscription comes with support. You can send any questions or issues you have to support buildateam. Reference Manuals. Installation Guides. User Guides. Privacy Policy. All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission.

Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable. Updated Configuration Settings to allow adding custom js dist links. Moved json to page html to fix double rendering. Fixed pricing issues. Custom Product Builder. Build Your Own Product Configurator. Product Customization Tool. Can you control every element of your manufacturing process to offer custom made, bespoke products?

Is your factory ready for custom made-to-order products? Does your online storefront reflect all the options that you have? Changes to any element and detail can be previewed. By offering this builder, the customer can truly engage with your brand. Preview a completely configured product based on the selected option combinations. From foundational elements i. You can create unlimited colors for your product option layers using just a color picker A selection of themes and color schemes Customizable CSS.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It's obvious that customers are tend to purchase personalized products than conventional ones.

magento 2 product customization extension

Giving customers incentives to spread their creativity and uniqueness means showing more concrete reasons to buy your products! Free Magento 2 Product Designer offers customers amazing product customization service. Store owners have ability to enable product designer tool on all products and configure any design elements. Customers are allowed to personalize products online with image, text, google fonts; download pdf design, print or share their fancy designs via social networks.

Explore Other Best Magento 2 Extensions. This product is FREE now. For free licenses, we DON'T provide free support services. Hence, if you want to get our support service for this product, please purchase extended support packages.

Free Magento 2 Product Designer - all you need for an online product design tool. Store owners can allow customers to create personalized and customized designs for products. In the increase of eCommerce shopping stores, this extension will be an ideal tactic to attract new customers and retend customers with satisfied shopping experience.

Free Magento 2 online product designer allows customers to customize any products for selling such as T-shirt, bag, gear, etc.

Product customization can be processed on any devices with different screen sizes. Mobile is optimized! With the added custom text, beside the meaning, customers can make it more impressive and eye-catching by setting:. It would be great if customers can share their customized products with friends via social networks. To meet this demand, this Magento 2 online product designer is integrated with social media.

Customers are able to share their persionalized designs via the most popular social networks:. In the ''Text Configuration'' tab, what are you allowed to do with this Magento 2 product designer tool? You can:. As a result, customers will be enabled or restricted by certain functions when they add images to product on the frontend. There are some options to select:. Free Magento 2 product designer extension also offer the store admin possibility to configure the library. The library will appear when customers want to upload photos into editable areas.

Also, when editing a product with ''Prices Configuration''the admin should enter a number for:. By setting special prices for customized layer and text, online merchants can sell products with higher prices. As a result, the revenue will be increased remarkably. Soical media is integrated into this Magento 2 product designer to enable customers to share their designed products via the most popular social networks.

Noticably, customers are allowed to import images from those social accounts.

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