is the number present hackerrank solution

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If you do not get don't worry I am here let's take an example. So according to first query 1 is present in an index 1 so our output is Yes 1, Now move on to second query 4 is not present in array that's why the output is No 5, according to condition if number is not present in an array then it should return a next greater number than query.

Now next query is 9 it is present in an index 6 so the output is Yes 6. Note:- Here an array index is starting with 1, Normally start with 0. Copy the full solution or colored code and paste into the hacker rank editor and click to Run Code if the code runs successfully then click to Submit Code. Submit your solution here:- Click here. Tweet Share Share Share. Previous Post. Next Post. Popular Posts. Create a given table in HTML. Create an HTML file to link to different html page which contains images, tables.

How to Solve:- So in this problem, we have to For this problem first step is to take user inpuSecond round of the fundamental mathematics problems on HackerRank is called Maximum draws. It asks the following. Jim is off to a party and is searching for a matching pair of socks.

Cut the sticks Hackerrank solution in c

His drawer is filled with socks, each pair of a different color. In its worst case scenario, how many socks x should Jim remove from his drawer until he finds a matching pair? Input Format The first line contains the number of test cases T. Next T lines contains an integer N which indicates the total pairs of socks present in the drawer. Output Format Print the number of Draws x Jim makes in the worst case scenario.

To be honest this was an extremely easy solvable problem. In the worst case Jim can draw a number of socks equal to the amount of pairs and have exactly one sock from each pair. The next sock he draws will then always match one of the already drawn socks.

I have for the sake of brevity only included the function which is called to give the answer, instead of including all the input handling as well.

Sets STL problem solution | C++ | HackerRank

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Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. It only takes a minute to sign up. There are 15 test cases. This code runs properly for the first 5 test cases then I get a 'Time Limit Exceeded' message for the rest of test cases. Containers are interesting elements in most programming languages: they have an internal state, namely their elements and therefore their size. This introduces an additional state compared to usual algorithmic asymptotical complexity analysis.

While trivial, this code has a severe problem: we have to copy all elements in ever iteration. More about that later in this review. However, this small introduction should give you a hint about the central flaw in your current approach.

None of those terms indicates that we need to have all data in one stack. So first of all, we need to use better namesbecause s1 and s2 are pretty bland and non-descriptive:. I'll implement the methods outside of the class declaration to keep the code segments short, but you're free to place them inline again.

Note that I switched from a struct to a classbecause its Queue s job to make sure that in and out are handled correct; no one else should be able to change them. What will we use in and out for? Well, as long as we have elements in outwe will use them for dequeue and peek. And whatever gets enqueued gets pushed right ontop of inno questions asked.

The critical part is how to get an element from in to outright? I let you think about that for some paragraphs, but you may also stop here and try it yourself; the declaration above contains a clue. So, let's have a look at my proposal for the definition of enqueuepeek and dequeue :.

Note that the additional private method flip is yet missing. However, I will state the envisioned complexity:. It thereby changes the order of the elements, so that the top in in will be the last to get moved out of out. Note that we call flip only when out is empty. And that's completely correct.

Hackerrank solutions

However, how often do we need to call flip? Or, rather more important, how often do elements get moved? The answer on the latter question is: exactly one time from in to out.

At no point will they move back. The number of flip calls is much trickier, though, but it doesn't really matter. At worst, flip may need to flip all elements, for example if we use it as follows:. However, only the first dequeue will flip.

All others will yield the element immediately. There are some other findings that don't need as much detail as the algorithm, but nonetheless can be improved:.

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You might want to look at the discussion tab for why the code is timing out. Basically the code should reverse the input stack only when peek or dequeue is called and not in enqueue. The rest of answer is a review of the code as posted and it ignores the fact that HackerRank supplied some of the code, such as the includes and the using namespace std.

Issues such as readability and maintainability are beyond the scope of HackerRank but are considerations when writing good code.Please Login in order to post a comment. I assumed from the question that we would check every integer for the absolute difference. For example:. So on and so forth. I realised at the end I interpreted the question incorrectly, but is it just me who misread the question?

Full python solution can be found here. Hackerrank - Picking Numbers Solution. No need of creating an array and sorting it. Store the largest value in a variable instead and keep changing the value of that variable if larger value comes up. Guys, don't be worried, the interpretation mentioned above is perfectly alright, what i beleive you are missing out on are the numbers with -ve differences which become postive when considered as absolute differences. Check my code and I hope you'll understand.

For more information on Absolute difference you can consult the Wikipedia link: Absolute Difference and other resources on web. Hello Udit, we had the taken the new array anf then we are increasing the count at that index wherever our condition is satisfied. SO now analyse through number thoery that no three consecutive elements can have the difference equal to one among the one except they are two subsequent numbers.

Let's analyse this from the above example. In firstit is 4 and 5. In second 5 and 6. So you just have to find out the frequency of the TWO consecutive numbers.

Take a static array say ar and start find the frequency of every element in the array original. Now you have the array ar which contains frequency of every element in the original array. You just have to find out the maximum frequency of the consequent elements. CODE in C. Linear approach. All the makes sense but you lost me here: "SO now analyse through number thoery that no three consecutive elements can have the difference equal to one among the one except they are two subsequent numbers".

Your code will give wrong answer for the sequence 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,4,5,5,5,5,6,7. Because 'pos' will written the position of 5.Post a Comment. Widget Recent Post No.

is the number present hackerrank solution

Widget Random Post No. PageNavi Results No. Labels Max-Results No. Menu Home About Contact Advertise. If yes, print 1 else 0. For example, you are given array. The results of each operation are:.

Return an array with the output:. Function Description. Input Format. Output Format. Return an integer array consisting of all the outputs of queries of type.

Sample Input 0. Sample Output 0. Explanation 0. So answer is. So, the answer is. Sample Input 1. Sample Output 1. Explanation 1. The answer is. Sample Input 2. Sample Output 2. Explanation 2. When the first output query is run, the array is empty. We may improve our approach by using a hashmap.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. I felt guilty for those who had watched and starred my repository.

Thus, I'm trying to update this repository more frequently and re-structure everything here as well. Skip to content. Solution to HackerRank problems stars forks. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Add new solutions to problems in Algorithms - Warmup. Git stats commits 2 branches 0 tags. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. HackerRank I felt guilty for those who had watched and starred my repository. About Solution to HackerRank problems Topics algorithm hackerrank competitive-programming.

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Algorithms - Warmup. Algorithms - Implementation.Please Login in order to post a comment. STEP We are going to decrement the value corresponding to the value that we read as input. Similarly we decrement the values for list A.

HackerRank: Maximum Draws

Since the elements of list A are lost, the resulting values in the array after this operation will be positive. STEP Print all the index of array with value grater than 0. The numbers will be in asscending order aswell.

Hackerrank - Missing Numbers Solution. The max difference is So just an array of size is enough and we need to modulus each and every element entered with Rest is the same with your procedure Can you please explain how to do this procedure. I am not getting the part where we have to input the the value in array and subtract the arr[value] I think we can obtain this creating an array of elements and creating zeres in all of them If you have tried that one, we can go for the optimization where in the question they said that the difference between Max and Min element would be So I think that an array if would be sufficient.

For eg: Let the min number be and max number be So in between them numbers will be there and we will be doing the modulous of each entered number with I'm getting your concept,but the problem is how to get back with help of If you gonna do that by performing module operation on elements of b[], then that's gonna increase the running time. You only need to remember the value of the very first element read which is your pivot. Count of this pivot is stored at the th index in the count array.

This did not come to mind. It certainly works brilliantly, and fasttoo. Well done! In this way you need no more space than one ;- array of elements and just one pass through the input. Simply having two maps where the key is the numbers of respective arrays and their frequency as value.

is the number present hackerrank solution

Initially while storing in the map of both arrys I sorted the vectors in which I took the inputs of both arrays. I tried to solve this problem based on your idea. But it always failed to pass test case 2 and 4.

Not sure what the error is. Can anyone give me some hint? Jinghua, you want to "Print each missing number once, even if it is missing multiple times. The first case checks if there is more than one digit of the same type is missing. Not sure if it's better. Of cousre if matter of performance. Can't we just make an array of size and find the minimum value in brr.

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