The Charts interface is one of the most widely used features in the thinkorswim platform. The video below will guide you through this interface and articles in this section will give you detailed descriptions of its components and useful features. The first thing you do in Charts is specify the symbol for which the price plot will be displayed.

how to delete a chart in thinkorswim

To do so, type in the symbol name in the Symbol Selector box. You can also look through all the available symbols to pick the desirable one: click on the gray triangle and search through the categories in the dialog that pops up. In Charts, you can view and analyze price plots of any kind of symbols: stock, options, futures, and forex. Once you pick up a symbol, you will see its price plot on the main subgraph.

By default, the 1 year 1 day time frame is used which means that the chart displays one year worh of data, candles aggregated on a daily basis. You can also pick a time frame from your Favorites. To learn how you can customize the list of your favorite time frames, refer to the Favorite Time Frames article.

By default, the chart uses the Candle char type; however, you are free to change it to another chart type, e. To do so, click Style in the header, move your cursor over the Chart type menu item, and select the preferred chart type. More information on the chart modes and types can be found in the Chart Modes and Chart Types sections. By default, the only visible additional subgraph is Volumewhich displays the volume histogram and volume-based studies. When you add a study designed to be displayed on an individual subgraph neither main, nor volumee.

All subgraphs have the main area where the price, volume, and study values are plottedtwo axes time axis and value axisand a status string a string above the main area, which displays important time, price, volume, and study values based on where your cursor is. The parameters of the axes can be customized in the corresponding tabs Price Axis, Time Axis of the Chart Settings menu.

Like several other thinkorswim interfaces, Charts can be used in a grid, i. Each instance is independent from others and displayed in an individual grid cell. To create a chart grid:. The Grid menu will appear. Hover your mouse across the layout editor to specify the configuration of your chart grid. It needs to be rectangular and its maximum size depends on your screen resolution. Click when the desirable grid is highlighted.

For example, doing so when a 3x3 grid is highlighted will display nine chart cells.

how to delete a chart in thinkorswim

You can use each chart cell the same way you would use the full-size interface, however, adding too many cells will optimize the display: the volume will be overlapped to the main subgraph, lower subgraphs will be turned off, axes will be hidden, etc.

This might also affect visibility of studies and drawings. If you need to maximize any of the cells, i. Double-clicking the symbol description again will restore the original configuration. You can save your grid for further use. To do so, click on the Grid button and choose Save grid as Specify the grid name and click Save.Go to Page Quotes by TradingView.

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Removing Pre/post market data form monkey bars?

Read Are sharks watching on the other side? The following 2 users say Thank You to Massive l for this post:. SFbaddogYakito.On the new menu that comes up, click on the tab at the top of the page that corresponds with the type of security you are charting e. Pull up your watchlist in the left sidebar Gadgets. In the upper right-corner of the watchlist, click the chain link icon to the right of the symbol entry box to select a color.

Next, pull up Charts tab and choose the same color by clicking the same chain link icon to the right of the symbol entry field. You can utilize the linking feature throughout the platform such as on the Trade tab, Analyze tab, MarketWatch tab, and Tools tab. Clients can customize their preferences by utilizing the various studies, drawings, and settings and saving their settings. Within the Style dropdown box in the right corner, clients are able to choose their aggregation type between Tick, Time and Range.

Also, they can choose whether to record the chart either intraday or daily. Once determined, you can save the style within the same menu. Finally, clients may employ any number and combination of drawings and studies and save these separately in the same way within each dropdown box. If you would like to turn this feature off, simply uncheck the box.

Keep in mind, daily charts do not show the extended session so you will need to switch to an intraday chart. To select an intraday chart, choose from the shortcut aggregation button located along the top of the chart next to the Style button.

To choose your own custom number of bars, click in the drop down field and enter the appropriate number. Repeat this process as necessary to add additional symbols. Here you will see all of your lower studies listed, each with an individual label titled "Lower".

Drag and drop the lower studies you would like to overlap until they are all share the same lower panel, then select OK. Once placed, right click directly on the arrow drawing to reveal a drop down menu. Select "Edit Proprties" and a new window will appear where you may select the preferred direction you would like the arrow to point.

Drawings are designed to retain a starting point and an ending point. These points are based off of time and price, the drawing simply connects the points. A trend line for example, has a slope associated with it and the angle of the line is dependent on how much space is in between the start and end points you select for that line.

how to delete a chart in thinkorswim

In other words, the angle of the line will vary due to the changing amount of space in between the points when switching through different aggregations. FAQ - Charts How do I link a watchlist and chart?

How can I customize my charting preferences? How do I overlap volume on my chart?In this section you will find information on how to work with drawings on charts. Drawings are a technical analysis method which relies more on a visual aspect than pure mathematics.

In TOS Charts, drawings are stored in drawing sets; these are your collections of drawings that are related to the chosen symbol. This means that for each desirable symbol, you may have a specific list of drawings sets - in all opened instances of the Charts interface.

Switching between the drawings sets can be easily done using the handy Drawing set drop-down in the bottom right corner of the Charts window. Given it's your first time using drawings, a 'Default' empty drawing set will be applied to the chart. You may as well save it using another name; to do so, click the Drawing set drop-down, choose Save as new drawing settype in a desirable name and click Save.

After that, you will be able to rename or delete your drawing set. The 'Default' set cannot be deleted or renamed. When you make sure you've chosen the drawing set you'd like to add your drawings to, you may start drawing on your chart: click on the Active Tool icon to the left of the Drawing Set drop-down and choose a drawing tool from our library.

Add as many drawings as you need; changes to the drawing set are applied immediately - on all chart instances to which this set is added. Once a drawing is added, you may perform further operations by right-clicking it. These operations include:. Using Drawings In this section you will find information on how to work with drawings on charts.

Drawing Sets In TOS Charts, drawings are stored in drawing sets; these are your collections of drawings that are related to the chosen symbol.

Operations with Drawings Once a drawing is added, you may perform further operations by right-clicking it. These operations include: Activate. Use this action so that the drawing is activated and you can move it across the chart. Note that to do so, you can also select it with a Pointer Active Tool and drag-and-drop to a desired position. Once you activate a drawing, you can modify it by dragging-and-dropping its anchor points. Use this action to add the same drawing to the chart.

Note that the drawing is added "behind" the existing one so that to see both drawings, you will need to first move either of these. Edit properties. Use this action to manually edit the properties of the drawing.

These properties are different for different drawings, see the articles in the Reference section for more information. Remove drawing.

how to delete a chart in thinkorswim

Use this action to remove the drawing. To remove all drawings, right-click anywhere on chart and choose Clear drawing set. There is also an option to remove obsolete drawings from intraday charts while keeping the recent ones.

Using Drawings

For this purpose, click Remove old drawings. In the dialog window, specify number of days after which the drawing will be considered old and click Remove.

As too many drawings added may slow the application, you may want the system to notify you on a large number of old drawings overpopulating the chart; this can be done in the Remove Old Drawings dialog as well. Chart Customization Patterns.My Tools are a special feature that enables you to quickly access tools that you use frequently. Shown as either a toolbar above the chart or as a separate panel, it provides you with ability to quickly select your favorite drawings, studies, study sets, and styles.

My Tools are customizable, which means that you can change what is shown there as often as you like. You can add up to seven tools to it.

Selecting On each chart will add the toolbar to each chart in the grid. Choosing Single panel will display it as a separate panel. You can also pin My Tools to the chart: this will fix the toolbar above the status string or show the panel above all windows.

Customizing My Tools is quite easy: click Configure buttons on the right of the toolbar or bottom right corner of the panel; the tool buttons will be highlighted. Clicking each of the highlighted buttons will enable you to rename the button, to change the tool represented by it, or to remove it from My Tools.

To add a tool to My Tools, click Add button and choose a drawing, a study, a study set, or a style you would like to display there. Once you have finished customizing the toolbar, click Done ; all the changes will be applied. When you use an added tool a study, a study set, or a styleyou can apply it to the current chart only, or to the whole grid, or even to all existing grids. In order to do that, click the corresponding button in the bottom left corner of the panel or on the right of the toolbar.

Note that this won't work for drawings: they can only be synchronized on charts for the same symbol via General settings. My Tools My Tools are a special feature that enables you to quickly access tools that you use frequently. Drawing Alerts Percentage View.Hmm Without being able to duplicate it, I cannot trouble-shoot it.

How To Use Think Or Swim Chart Settings Tab

My guess is that the issue lies on your computer with a improper clearing of the cache or something else similar. Sorry to give such basic suggestions, but as I mentioned above, I cannot troubleshoot the issue very well, if I cannot replicate the issue. Thanks for the quick response. Same result after clearing Cache, in latest versions of Chrome and IEWhat browser are you using. I just tested in the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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FAQ - Charts

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