Skip to content. Please click on the names of the technologies listed below to learn more details. If you are interested in incorporate any of them into your teaching and want to discuss with someone on how to implement them, you may schedule a consultation with the learning technology specialists in the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Bluejeans is an online conferencing and collaboration application that is integrated with audio, video, and content sharing. You can use it to conduct online meetings, presentations, webinars, training, and courses. Canvas is Georgia Tech's new cloud-based learning management system that is replacing T-Square. Campus is currently available to all faculty for use in all courses.

Visit the migration page to learn how to migrate your course materials from T-Square to Canvas.

georgia tech canvas

CATME Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness is an online peer evaluation tool that helps instructors effectively organize and manage teams, communicate with students, and facilitate peer evaluation. You can use it to create and stream video, audio, and images. Share your media with a specific group, the entire campus, springtrap mmd model make them publically available.

georgia tech canvas

Kaltura is integrated with Canvas and you can access it by logging on to Canvas. It is much more than just a place to store files. It is combined with a social networking system, which allows students to interact with their peers, instructors, friends, and future employers, and to create their own online communities. Piazza is a discussion platform that can be utilized for students to interact more richly with instructors, TAs, and with the class.

It can be used as a standalone tool, with Canvas or with T-Square. Qualtrics is an online survey and research tool for data collection. You can use it to build surveys, distribute surveys, and analyze responses, all from one convenient online location. T-Square is an online collaboration and learning environment at Georgia Tech. All official courses have a site in T-Square.

Sites for adhoc purposes can be created by anyone in the Georgia Tech community.Skip to content. Credit Students: The deadline to self-enroll in two-factor authentication is on or after the third Monday of each semester. If you are seeing an " Access Denied " page:. Note: Graduate Students hired by Georgia Tech are considered Employees and required to be enrolled in Two-factor Authentication immediately upon hiring.

All credit students online or on campus are required to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication during the first two weeks of the semester and will be unable to log into applications without a two-factor device after that. The deadline to self-enroll in two-factor authentication is on or after the third Monday of each semester. You can use this link for more information. All credit students online or on campusas well as any faculty or staff who are currently seeing the Georgia Tech Login Service Attention page with the warning that you are required to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication, please note that the deadline to self-enroll in two-factor authentication is the third Monday of the semester.

Good news. If you are a credited student online or on campusfaculty or staff who has not yet enrolled in two-factor authentication using Duo, you no longer need to seek out a friend, an IT staff member, or visit the Technology Support Center to enroll. You now have the capability to enroll yourself. If you are a credited student, see the steps to self-enroll under the "For Students" menu option above.

If you are an employee, see the steps to self-enroll under the "For Employees" menu option above. To go directly to instructions to self-enroll, click on this link "How do I enroll myself in two-factor authentication using Duo. Are you new to campus and need to enroll? Has one of your colleagues been locked out and needs to be "rescued" to log in to Tech systems?

Using the "self-enrollment" option in Passport, you can enroll others, have a colleague enroll you, or provide a one-time rescue code if someone you know can't access their device. While the directions below refer to students helping students, they apply to all students, faculty and staff on the Tech campus.

georgia tech canvas

Complete your enrollment by printing backup codes and adding a trusted friend to "rescue" you should you ever be locked out of your account.

To learn how to use the Duo app, see the Quick Reference Guide below. You can also visit the Technology Support Center, Clough Commons, Roomlocated behind Starbucks or if you are in a residence hall, go to Wreck Techs to be enrolled. To help your friends beat the deadline, do the following:. Have each friend come to you with their Buzzcard.

Follow the prompts to enroll your friend making sure to check their Buzzcard and add their GTID when prompted. Over students attending FASET Marketplace this year were enrolled in two factor authentication due to a new streamlined procedure which allowed them to install the Duo app and be enrolled by Tech staff while picking up their Buzzcards.

Teams of volunteers from various colleges and administration vetted each student in staggered shifts, which resulted in shorter lines and wait times between the Duo app installation and full activation. Georgia Tech is continuing its campus-wide initiative to enroll all new faculty, staff, and students in two-factor authentication using Duo with a new video and a change in new hire paperwork.

The video offers a quick overview of two-factor authentication and how to use the Duo app at Georgia Tech. The updated New Employee form provides instructions on enrolling in two-factor authentication for all new employees faculty and staff once they receive a temporary password from the Office of Human Resources OHR. Revised in collaboration between OIT and OHR, the updated New Employee form is part of the onboarding process and ensures new employees are enrolled in two-factor when they first arrive on campus.

Beginning March 1, using Tech systems and services remotely via VPN Virtual Private Network will require an additional layer of security by using two-factor authentication.This summer I moved my course to Canvas and the jury is in — I can work with it! Part of the challenge that I have had with the design of various LMSs is that they are quite often not suited to the type of work that we do in humanities, specifically writing and communication classes.

I have to say that Canvas excels as a management tool, providing both instructor and student with an opportunity to manage class and individual activities as the course develops throughout the semester. Canvas is intuitive and easy to learn. I find Canvas to be very straight forward to navigate and learn.

The development environment is responsive: Canvas Studio encourages their users to tell them what they need. Once the idea is posted, other users vote on the idea, leading Canvas quite often to develop that feature for their users if there is sufficient interest read more here about the feature development process. Halcyon Lawrence is a Marion L. Halcyon has over twenty years of industry experience in technical writing, usability testing, and end-user training.

Her research focuses on the design of speech technologies for underrepresented and marginalized communities. Here are some specific features that I like about Canvas: The Course Summary : on the Syllabus tool of your course site, Canvas automatically populates a summary of the course as you develop it.

For example, as I set up a new module or new assignment, students can see these activities at a glance. The Attendance tool : InCanvas listened to users who wanted the tool redesigned so that students could have access to their attendance records. I teach in a program at Georgia Tech that has an attendance policy, but the management of that policy has always been cumbersome and the dissemination of that information to students has always been problematic.

While not meant to be an indicator of student engagement with the course, I do like that I have a way of checking in with students based on their activity in Canvas. I appreciate that Georgia Tech has ensured that our community has access to technical support whenever we need it click here find out more about online support options. And the best part?Skip to content. Georgia Tech has contracted with Canvas by Instructure for this new service.

Transition to the new platform will begin with a small group of users this semester. Those who will be part of the initial group were notified last week. The implementation will expand in Spring and will reach completion by Spring T-Square will be available for course sites until the end of Beginning in Springall courses will reside in Canvas.

T-Square will no longer be supported for course sites beginning in January For the past two years, the Office of the Provost spearheaded an in-depth testing process in which faculty, staff, administrators, and students evaluated and provided feedback on a number of learning management solutions. Bras, provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs and the K. Harrison Brown Family Chair.

The Canvas platform provides a cloud hosting solution, an open application programming interface APImobile applications, and the possibility of future software add-ons. As Georgia Tech continues to expand, digitize, and diversify its educational offerings, Canvas will provide a flexible infrastructure for educational growth and innovation.

Learn more at canvas. Brittany Aiello Center for 21st Century Universities. Click image to enlarge. Download Image. Related Links Canvas. Categories Campus and Community. Williams Paper Museum.Creating the next BuzzPort. You are viewing the redesigned BuzzPort.

On Monday, February 3,the original portal was retired.

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Read more. BuzzPort is a website that provides easy access to information and services to students, faculty, and administrative staff at Georgia Tech. Students are required to abide by the Institute's Acceptable Use Policy when using Georgia Tech's computer resources, including the registration system. As such, no student may use any unauthorized computer program or script to register for classes or attempt to circumvent the registration system in any way.

OIT Service Status. Institute Information. Log into BuzzPort. Acceptable Use Policy Students are required to abide by the Institute's Acceptable Use Policy when using Georgia Tech's computer resources, including the registration system. Policy Library: Acceptable Use Policy.

Campus Calendar. Office of Undergraduate Education. Graduate Studies. Admissions Graduate Admissions Undergraduate Admissions. Policy Library. Veterans Resource Center. Identity Management Passport gtID. Please bookmark this page only. Do not bookmark any pages beyond this point. URLs for subsequent pages are subject to change without notice.

Notwithstanding any language to the contrary, nothing contained herein constitutes nor is intended to constitute an offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind. The data contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not represented to be error free. Any links to non-Georgia Tech information are provided as a courtesy. They are not intended to nor do they constitute an endorsement by the Georgia Institute of Technology of the linked materials.Skip to content.

I achieve excellence by embodying the highest ethical standards and communicating openly, authentically, and with humility. I extend courtesy to everyone and promote a culture of inclusion, fairness, and equity. I am a global citizen and celebrate our collective achievements and contributions to the world around us. I take ownership of my actions and value the responsibility to honor public trust. Ethics Stations Nov. Ethics and Compliance representatives will be on hand at 10 campus locations to promote Georgia Tech's core values.

Station locations.

NRE Undergraduate Program

During this lunch and learn, ethics and compliance personnel from Atlanta corporations, local businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies will present on "Lessons, Reflections, and Takeaways. An afternoon of games and activities focused on promoting Institute values. Event details and location. Graduate Student Listening Salon Nov. Questions about conflicts of interest in business transactions can be sent to businesscoi gatech. We welcome your feedback! If you would like to share your thoughts, please fill out our feedback form.

You are here: GT Home. Our Core Values. Integrity I achieve excellence by embodying the highest ethical standards and communicating openly, authentically, and with humility. Respect I extend courtesy to everyone and promote a culture of inclusion, fairness, and equity. Community I am a global citizen and celebrate our collective achievements and contributions to the world around us.

Accountability I take ownership of my actions and value the responsibility to honor public trust. Adaptability I embrace change as a path to progress, success, and innovation. Williams Paper Museum.Provost Bras recently made the following request of Georgia Tech faculty who suddenly find themselves in the role of remote teachers during the Coronavirus crisis:.

Look for signs of distress. Identify these students and proactively reach out to them. In order to help with this effort, the developers in C21U have added new features to the GaTech Roster tool, which is found in the left navigation bar of every course in Canvas.

Two new columns have been added to the tool:. Even better — these columns are sortable. These fields are also included in the exportable roster available in the GaTech Roster.

Then, upload that spreadsheet to the PostEm tool. It might seem minor, but students appreciate knowing that you reviewed their work.

In this case, students get 1 point if they answer correctly. Use a naming convention for your columns that indicate date and question number. Once again, this allows students to track their credit for in-class polling without cluttering up their gradebook with excessive columns.

The tool is now available in all Canvas courses at Georgia Tech. Over the next few weeks, the Digital Learning Team will be highlighting upcoming online trainings for Canvas and beyond! One of my favorite parts about the transition from T-Square to Canvas has been the mobile app. Additionally, the Canvas app allows me to learn across multiple devices, picking up where I left off.

Some of the features that I find most useful are:. This integration aims to make the CIOS more convenient for students, and in turn increase response rates for the survey itself. This link leads to the CIOS site, where students will be able to complete their course surveys. Students will also continue to receive the surveys via email, but the sooner they complete the survey, the sooner the reminder emails will cease. And everyone likes a cleaner inbox! Please contact cioshelp gatech.

By Dr.

georgia tech canvas

I have keyed many questions into Canvas quizzes to create short quizzes, but that process would be tedious and slow for tests. Since I have many tests already created as Word documents, I sought a way to upload them into Canvas. Canvas accepts mass question uploads in several ways. A review of options and discussion on the topic led me to select the QTI. Respondus 4. The product is offered by the same company that makes the LockDown Browser.

A site license is also available. Before importing the questions into Respondus 4. The help system in Respondus 4. I find it useful to create titles for the questions, as that helps me group them later according to topic by sorting them in Respondus 4. Here is a sample MC question indicating title and correct answer. The title formatting is my own.

You need to have JavaScript enabled in order to access this site.

Since I direct Canvas to scramble answers when it creates quizzes, I usually put the correct answer first just to make creating questions more regular. If a question refers to a graphic, that graphic must be uploaded into Respondus 4. If the same graphic is referenced in several questions, all can refer to the same image file.

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